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a person of French descent

a Celt of ancient Gaul

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an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy and France and Belgium and part of Germany and the Netherlands


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During the trial, the court heard that Gaul had wanted to know who the new man in his wife's life was, while at the same time trying to save his marriage.
Speaking on the same, Gaul added, "We have a long history of cooking our foods, our bodies are used to consuming these and metabolizing these".
Critique: Caesar's Footprints: A Cultural Excursion to Ancient France--Journeys Through Roman Gaul is an extraordinary tour of the legacy of Roman culture in Gaul (a region of Northern Europe populated by Celtic tribes, encompassing what is now France, Luxembourg, Belgium, most of Switzerland, northern Italy, and parts of the Netherlands and Germany).
Gaul acquits himself well in searching out the complicated story behind the numbers....
It will be taken by Supt Peter Dade, of the Fishermen's Mission at North Shields, at the plaque at the berthing location of the trawler which was erected last year to mark the 40th anniversary of the loss of the Gaul.
Gaul graduated from the University of Delaware with a B.S.
The Gaul was found north of Norway in 1997 by a TV firm and experts concluded it was swamped in a storm.
Total War Rome 2's first campaign expansion, titled Caesar in Gaul, has been announced by Sega.
The question of the day, however, is whether Gaul and its mega-studio complex will be able to catch up to its European rivals, notably the U.K.'s Pinewood and Germany's Babelsberg, as they all chase big U.S.
LINGFIELD: 2.00 Carina Palace, 2.30 Mawj Tamy, 3.00 Gaul Wood, 3.30 Poetic Belle, 4.00 Princess Patsky, 4.30 Hanzada, 5.00 Salient.
Gaul Wood ran a creditable seventh on his return in the Spring Mile at Doncaster and should have improved for the run ahead of the Handicap (3.00) at the Surrey venue.
ASTERIX the Gaul is heading to Scotland in his next comic book adventure.
Clovis defeated Aleric II at the battle, driving the Visigoths south into Iberia and leaving Gaul to the Franks, who later named it after themselves.