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French Post-impressionist painter who worked in the South Pacific (1848-1903)


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GAUGUIN left his wife and five children in Paris in the 1890s to head to Tahiti, hoping to find a paradise where he could create pure art.
Gauguin, best known for his Tahitian paintings, was a friend of Vincent van Gogh and a major influence on Picasso and Matisse.
Post-impressionist artist Gauguin is thought to have given the 1884 painting to its first owner, a local politician in Rouen, France, shortly after its completion.
The question of the last two chapters is whether we readers are like Gauguin in this respect--not because of our own moral failings, but because of the indefensible impersonal conditions which make the attachments we have possible.
This desire to escape his own times and the vestiges of a civilization he considered corrupt and dehumanizing guided Gauguin's work.
When not exploring the lush scenery that the South Pacific has to offer, guests can enjoy onboard entertainment, a casino and piano bar, a pool and bar, a lounge, spa and fitness center and boutique aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin.
The deal makes sense for Paul Gauguin and Ponant, which offer complementary product lines.
(Andy Warhol and Marc Chagall have been the focus of previous exhibitions.) Rare plants from the tropics will be showcased throughout the grounds and in the glass house conservatory, with the Gauguin pieces on display at the Museum of Botany & the Arts.
With apples dangling beside his disembodied head and a small snake slithering between his fingers, Gauguin conjures up the biblical tale of how evil entered the world (Gen.
Summary: You will soon see the work of the masters of art -- Van Gogh, da Vinci, Gauguin and more
Synopsis: Sally Solari is busy juggling work at her family's Italian restaurant, Solari's, and helping Javier plan the autumn menu for the restaurant she's just inherited, Gauguin. Complicating this already hectic schedule, Sally joins her ex-boyfriend Eric's chorus, which is performing a newly discovered version of her favorite composition: the Mozart Requiem.
Art is an abstraction; as you dream amid nature, extrapolate art from it and concentrate on what you will create as a result." Paul Gauguin *
In 1888, Van Gogh went to Arles, France, hoping to found an art school with fellow artist Paul Gauguin, whom he had befriended in Paris.
WHEN it comes to odd couple pairings, it's hard to think of a more mis-matched pairing than the tortured, ear-slicing artist Vincent van Gogh and his more worldly-wise housemate, French post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin.