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French Post-impressionist painter who worked in the South Pacific (1848-1903)


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The conceptual visual vocabularies which used to create her language of paintings of reserved but concurring colors (based on her artistic influences such as Gaugin, Mark Rothko and Agnes Martin) feel free-it feels like a quiet home that only exists in the mind.
In 2004, she won for Le coeur de monsieur Gaugin (written by Marie-Danielle Croteau); in 2012, for Virginia Wolf (written by Kyo Maclear) and in 2013, for Jane, le renard & moi (written by Fanny Britt).
Case in point: On Sunday, an art historian revealed that one of the most popular legends associated with Van Gogh - that he cut off his ear because of an argument with fellow painter Paul Gaugin - might not be true.
In fact, Paul Gaugin is best known for his piece, The Painter of Sunflowers, which is a painting of an artist painting sunflowers.
At first, the figurative elements of Nelson's sculptures bring to mind the lurid fascinations of early modernism, when artists and writers looked to the radically and frighteningly other to make sense of the jarring social disruptions of their moment: One might think of Picasso, Gaugin, or the whole of German Expressionism.
(I am a creature of contradictions.) So Gaugin and the rest of that clan came a far third and as for Cezanne, he was there only as a faint idea on my mind's horizon.
He incorporates examples of children drawing to learn various things, especially scientific concepts; discusses doodling, cartooning, and picturing to learn; provides a case study of the transition from cartooning to animation and design; and addresses learning from the sketches of artists like Klimt, Cezanne, Seurat, Van Gogh, Degas, Gaugin, and contemporary artist Tad Spurgeon.
for what three months in Hawaii gave to me." Fabulous paintings in a style reminiscent of Gaugin ornament and illustrate every page of this amazing children's art biographical book.
A former mill town and port, it is best known for the school of art that sprung up around 20 painters, including Paul Gaugin, in the late 19th century.
On the ferry, named after the picturesque Breton village of Pont Aven, a favourite haunt for the painter Gaugin, we booked a four-berth cabin as a base to relax.