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either of two amphibious reptiles related to crocodiles but with shorter broader snouts

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'Nothing turns heads and excites a crowd like a Slingshot, particularly one all decked out in Florida Gators colors,' said Chris Sergeant, Vice President of Slingshot.
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh said the Wolverines are "hungry for another win" but described the Gators as "uber talented." Michigan has just two bowl wins since their Capital One Bowl victory over Florida in 2008.
With a bit of luck, you'll snatch a gator while it's surfaced.
This year, the Noles and Gators will end their regular seasons by facing each other in a game on Nov.
People often look at a 4ft gator and believe it to be harmless - but it can inflict untold damage.
"Gator caught stealing watermelon out of watermelon field in Hendry County," a Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit officer wrote May 13 on the group's Facebook page.
Smart Gators Labs Inc., based in Miami, Florida, consists of a highly qualified team having more than 12 years experience in the manufacturing, quality testing and shipping of lighting and LED products.
The Gators went on to win the national championship.
Charlie knew most of the gators and called them by name while regaling us with personal anecdotes about his life in the bayou.
It was the Gators' longest play from scrimmage this season.
Rajesh Asswani and Dinesh Mohnani delivered down the stretch as the Gray Gators averted a collapse to dethrone the Blue Sharks.
Morrell called and told us that although gators hate rain (go figure), we would hunt in between the rain events.
The Florida Everglades is home to hundreds of thousands of these prehistoric beasts, so it isn't unusual for residents to spot gators of all shapes and sizes waddling across everywhere.
It doesn't take all that long to grow the medium-size gators that are most prized for leather.
Water conditions were low, the big gators were inaccessible, and despite seeing hundreds of little guys, no arrows had been launched.