Gateway to the West

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the largest city in Missouri

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and Ethel Simon, along with their son, B.A., fled religious persecution in Riga and headed to Ellis Island, eventually landing by train in Omaha, "the Gateway to the West." The Simons were part of a third wave of Jewish immigration at the timethe first Jews settled in Omaha in the mid-19th centuryalong with thousands of Romanians and Russians, to name a few.
Commonly known as the Gateway to the West, Athlone is a historic town and a popular retail destination for residents in the Midlands region of Ireland.
The acquisition means HighTower's operations in the Gateway to the West include $600 million in client assets.
Given the huge market for Chinese products globally, Dubai also serves as practical platform for gateway to the West, hence the call for commercial property as well.
Louis raised millions of dollars to build a riverfront monument dedicated to the city's role as "Gateway to the West." In 1935, the federal government acquired 40 square blocks along the river, and President Franklin D.
In 1803, the US paid 4 cents per acre to the French and acquired an area of more than two million sq km, thus making Missouri gateway to the west of the American continent.
By the time the Hudson Yards area is fully developed, Moynihan Station will truly be a gateway to the west for the 25 percent of ticketed Penn Station rail passenger heading to points west.
Super castle, great views and a gateway to the west Highlands INVERNESS Claim to fame - Already the Highland capital, so why not the UK?
we jump on the bandwagon with both feet, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Gateway to the West.
Louis served for decades as the most westward urban location for those heading further west, earning the lasting nickname "Gateway to the West."
According to Turkish Press, Turkey's Minister of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, Mehdi Eker, said the Republic of Macedonia represents an important gateway to the west for Ankara.
The giant arch The Gateway to the West stands over the city of St Louis Missouri in the USA.
US Airways customers will once again have convenient access to the "Gateway to the West of Ireland" when the airline resumes daily non-stop service from its international gateway at Philadelphia to Shannon, Ireland on May 22, 2013 after a nearly four-year hiatus.E The airline will operate flights to Shannon on 176-seat dual-class Boeing 757-200 aircraft until Sept.
The editorial cartoon (by Matson) features the Arch framing the Statue of Liberty (another stolen symbol originally signifying liberty and Franco-American friendship) with the words "Gateway to Prosperity" (instead of "Gateway to the West"), and "Send us your tireless, your ambitious, your hardworking masses, so our economy can grow a lot faster."
Conservative South Wales West AM Byron Davies said: "Swansea is the gateway to the west as well.