sluice valve

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regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

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Delta Industrial knife gate valves can guarantee plant operators in difficult process applications, zero leakage, said John Abbott, global product manager for valves for Weir Minerals.
We have further improved the pressure and temperature capabilities of the forged Equiwedge(TM) gate valve to offer a safe, reliable product that meets the demands of next-generation power plants worldwide.
These extraordinary Fasani valves are the largest cast wedge gate valves ever produced by Pentair and represent a substantial engineering accomplishment for our team," comments Trevor Shanks, vice president of gate, globe, check and control valves at Pentair Valves & Controls.
The plastic valves available are gate valves, universal line valves, straight supply valves, angle supply valves, washer hose valves, angle valves, sill cocks and ball valves.
A gate valve exerts little effect on volume of flow until almost closed, and flow regulation with this valve is difficult.
Throttling gate valves are handy for pressure control or isolation with etching and CVD processes.
The UCC 40D knife gate valve is delivering reliable performance with over 5,000 installed units worldwide.
In the gate valve, seats, as well as the gate are free to move.
Also called knife gate valves, they are available from DeZurik, a Unit of General Signal; Keystone Valve-U.
The FLIV was designed by Bestobell Valves back to eliminate the problems associated with gate valves that were used to isolate the secondary float level measurement equipment from the cargo tanks.
The pneumatically-actuated slide gate valve prevents material flow until the discharge cone has been properly seated in the gasketted receiving ring.
The knife gate valve is said to incorporate a robust design.
NYSE: PX), has reached agreement with FMC Technologies to supply thermal spray coatings for gate valve components used in oil and natural gas production.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Gate Valve : 1 1/2 No 04 2.
Advanced hot-runner systems include edge gate valve gate, abrasive systems and micro valve gates with pitches as small as 10 mm.