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a service station that sells gasoline

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She was said to have invited sick children and their parents to her home for the holidays and once took in a homeless teen with her sick newborn after meeting them in a gas station restroom (Worland, September 20, 2003).
According to an ABC News reporter, officials in Brazil have announced they have seen a video that shows a "US swimmer" who was "breaking down" a gas station restroom door and "fighting" with a security guard.
Massey was not surprised at the survey results saying, "It's hard for many of our very young and older population to hold it for long road trips and the most convenient place to stop for gasoline, snacks, and potty relief is at a gas station." Massey also adds, "We know that 91% of holiday travel is done in a personal vehicle, such as a car, so no wonder people are so disgusted with gas station restrooms - they are overused, over exposed, and likely under serviced.
Starting Thursday, a Domex crew will begin its rounds of cleaning Shell gas station restrooms along NLEx/SLEx for the entire summer.
"Some live with their children in public parks or inside gas station restrooms." Shamed by the visibility of the problem, the government has begun to arrest them.