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Travel has become nonexistent because of the gas rationing. Lois and I go to the movies; Flash Gordon and Sherlock Holmes are very popular at the box office right now.
consumer was gas rationing, a quadrupling of gas prices and the realization that we imported too much oil upon which our economy depended.
Gas rationing ended in New Jersey on Tuesday, but it remains in place in New York City and portions of Long Island, and it's unclear what impact this and other storm-related issues will have.
It said that gas rationing for the industry may continue till the start of March.
My dad said gas rationing during World War II was tough.
Such details as gas rationing, censored letters from her brother, and WWII slang also contribute to this book's appeal.
Due to previous legal restrictions in supplying diesel engines and the lack of appropriate diesel fuel in Iran, currently there are no diesel passenger cars in the Iranian market.But considering the gas rationing scheme in Iran in recent years on one hand, and significant progress in diesel engine technology and also the Iranian government's support on the other hand, the tendency to present diesel-sipping cars has increased among car makers and car importers in the country.Technically, all the existing cars in the C and D segment of the market can be supplied with diesel engines as well.
As temperatures plummeted to -21C in some areas earlier this month, concerns about UK gas rationing grew as the Government attempted to reassure the public the UK's gas supply was resilient.
Even though there was gas rationing, a meltdown in the savings and loans industry, and interest rates three times higher than at present, recessions weren't declared until much later.
responded strongly to gas rationing with an initial 41% reduction in vehicle-kilometres and an increase in intercity rail share from 8% to 32%.