bottled gas

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hydrocarbon gases, usually propane or butane, kept under pressure

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They put their lives on the line as that gas bottle could have gone up at any time."
Specifically designed as a cost-effective alternative to the Bladder and Piston style gas bottles, the one-piece bottle design features a single standard machined No.
Lebanon's Islamic Shiite Hizbullah announced that an explosion that happened in the southern Beirut suburbs of Dahieh on Friday night originated from a gas bottle in someone's house, and caused only material destruction, reported the Beirut daily AN NAHAR on Sunday.
Zemarai Bashary, an interior ministry spokesman, said a gas bottle exploded in a traffic police booth set ablaze by protesters during the anti-US demonstrations, which have rocked Afghan cities and claimed 22 lives since Friday.
The Land Rover Discovery I with improvised explosive device was found at around 4.00 am on December 25 near the Bishkek City Police Department.The explosive device included the gas bottle, aluminum powder, ammonium saltpeter, around 30 kilos of shrapnel, which were connected in electric circuit with a mobile phone and battery KRONA.The yield of the explosive device was 7-10 kilos of TNT.
Witnesses said explosion was heard and they suspected it might be from a natural gas bottle that caught fire.
They also offer brick effect wheelie bins and gas bottle storage units.
Prosecutors accused the 19-year-old Emirati suspect with deliberate arson after setting fire to a gas bottle and throwing it into the kitchen of the Emirati family's house in Al Bidaa.
A distinctive feature is its single diesel engine that powers all four main functions of the machine--welding output of 2x400A, driving, positioning the boom, and hydraulic gas bottle rack.
A single diesel engine powers all four main functions of the machine: welding output of 2 by 400A, driving, positioning the boom and hydraulic gas bottle rack.
Charcoal Traditional choice for distinctive smoky taste and flavour It's easily portable, ideal for picnics and there's no need for a gas bottle.
The origin of each gas line is a gas bottle equipped with a reduction valve which allows the setting of the desired gas pressure.
The software analyzes these parameters and sizes an accumulator and/or gas bottle to fit the requirements.
They used a curved kitchen blade and a heavy gas bottle in the brutal attack, the court heard yesterday.
A YOUNG family out camping were badly burned when a gas bottle exploded in their tent as they were sleeping.