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a wide belt of elastic with straps hanging from it

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We pulled off that image, that whole fight scene that I have in that apartment with a miniskirt and garter belts on (laughs).
Players are, of course, dressed in lingerie, garter belts and chokers.
Roseanne Spradlin often costumes both the men and women in her work in strappy garter belts, vintage bras, girdles, spandex, and rubber.
At one time, lace teddies, garter belts, silk robes and satin baby dolls were reserved for supermodels and mannequins, but today, any Sister with the right attitude can wear sassy loungewear.
While Jane is posing as the new, hipper site for young feminists who nonetheless love commercial culture, its premier issue touts cellulite creams, has a feature on "how to get the hair you've always wanted," and a supposedly satiric photo essay on busty career girls (in black leather garter belts) that looks like it came right out of Playboy.
Male wrestlers "Wild Diva,'' "Divine Star'' and "Too Much'' grace the ring wearing lipstick, garter belts and mesh leggings.
The publication also reported that around the same time he retweeted another status of hers from the airport, saying, "Giving airport security a lesson in garter belts this morning."
While Miss New York, Davina Reeves, holds shut her unbuttoned pin striped shirt but appears to be wearing nothing underneath, Miss New Jersey poses in nothing but a black lace bra, her nylon hose held up by garter belts.
From garter belts to salmon pink shirts, we pick out the worst Scotland strips of all time.
In place of the original two tiers of pupils--fourth-formers (scraggy little monsters) and sixth-formers (sirens in gym slips and garter belts)--the script delivers a contempo cross-section of Brit-youth demographics: chavs, posh totties, geeks, emos (aka goths) and first-years, all ruled over by head girl Kelly (Gemma Arterton).
I had push-up bras and garter belts, merry widows and corsets, teddies and camisoles.
Models with oversized black paste-on moles pranced and posed to an ampedup Glenn Miller soundtrack wearing bulky elasticated bra tops and garter belts under baby pink cardigans and furs.
Let's face it girlfriend, lace teddies, garter belts and spiked heels always look good on digitally enhanced catalog models and department store mannequins.
One was a fitted black gown that had a thigh-high slit on the left side, revealing her garter belts. She paired the oufit with lace gloves, shades adorned with pearls, pearl earrings, a pearl choker, and black boots.