Garry oak

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small deciduous tree of western North America with crooked branches and pale grey bark

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San Juan Island encompasses a diverse range of ecosystems, from semiarid grasslands to forests dense with Douglas fir, to dry and rocky slopes with stands of Garry oak.
Caves and caverns abound, providing an appealing contrast to the inland that is studded with Douglas Fir, arbutus, Garry Oak and dogwood trees.
In Victoria, there is a small and unique eco-system known as the Garry Oak eco-system, which is already endangered, and the gypsy moth is particularly fond of the Garry Oak leaves.
started logging old-growth Douglas fir and Garry oak on Saltspring Island in November 1999, field naturalist Briony Penn and others protested that the togging was "denuding" the land and disrupting endangered ecosystems.
Emily is studying the relative influence of herbivory and exotic grass competition in Garry oak ecosystems.
250/653-9463) or pick up a bottle of subtly spicy Pinot Noir at Garry Oaks (1880Tulford-Ganges Rd.