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used for working in gardens or yards

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Additionally, the exhibition aims to teach the wider community about the garden tools required to establish orchards -- both small and large scale -- and the most up to date technologies currently being utilized around the world.
27 May 2016 - German outdoor power equipment maker Stihl Group has acquired a minority share of the China-based garden tools company Globe Tools Group, the company said.
The Story of Copper Garden Tools is also a great read full of interesting facts like 40% of the copper in use today is recycled.
Clean garden tools by first hosing off any dirt clinging to the tines or blades, and then dry the tools completely.
Also featured are DeWit garden tools from Holland with hand forged steel heads.
Dutch hoe This traditional push-pull hoe is a classic garden tool.
THIEVES used garden tools to break into a Lichfield home where they stole car keys and two cars belonging to the owners.
The tool was designed for ease of use with a unique digging motion that acts like a mini post-hole digger," says its maker Ruppert Garden Tools.
Thieves gained entry to the shed in the garden of a house on Peacock Court, Norwood, Gateshead before making off with a bike and garden tools.
We're offering every reader a chance to claim a set of two garden tools for free.
has launched its online store named "Farm and Garden Tool shop" selling premium Garden Tools and Farm Equipments especially for Indian market.
The event is in aid of The Conservation Foundation's 'tools shed' programme, which gives free garden tools, repaired in a number of UK prisons, to schools and community gardens.
The bottom-line for Taiwanese garden tool exporters is that the budget cuts in the EU also tighten consumer spending and sap confidence, making the selling of garden tools, non-essential products, more challenging amid the uncertain recovery.