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supplying dry land with water by means of ditches etc

(medicine) cleaning a wound or body organ by flushing or washing out with water or a medicated solution

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To ensure the anticipated irrigation results, you must monitor your garden irrigation system.
The motel already features an ambitious recycling program, has compact fluorescent lighting and low-flow water devices, a rainwater garden irrigation system, the use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, a towel reuse program and features in-room guest education materials as strategies for translating a philosophy of sustainability into practice, said Johnson.
For sequential and logic management were selected multisurface garden irrigation and lighting control.
Selectmen in 2003 also voted to prohibit new connections to the town water system for in-ground and garden irrigation systems.
Dual water-supply systems can be developed to conserve scarce water resources--one for drinking water and another gray water system to supply recycled rainwater for toilets and garden irrigation. Throwing things away is no longer possible or desirable because, in a world full of people, there is really no such place as "away," and the embodied energy and nutrient resources are valuable commodities.
There is also a deposit to collect rainwater which can then be used for the garden irrigation.
Weidlinger recently collaborated closely with the design team for the Queens Botanical Garden's new administration building in Flushing, New York, to develop a roof canopy structure that would not only provide shade for events, but also collect rainwater for garden irrigation. This project won the 2004 NYC Green Building Design Competition for "excellence in the use of good design principles and the integration of green building technologies." Weidlinger studied several architecturally stunning structural schemes that could function as rainwater collectors.
She begins the guide with advice on watering techniques, from conserving rainwater to timing of garden irrigation. She includes tips on plant selection and placement, soil treatment, and basic planting methods.
But many others happily adapt to a regular garden irrigation regime: coral bells, monkey flowers, wild strawberry, Western columbine, and wild ginger are examples.
Greywater can be used for garden irrigation but reasonable care must be taken as it is contaminated and contains some pathogens that can cause disease.
But top garden irrigation experts Hozelock have come up with the Auto- Reel, which pays out just as much hose as you need, and then rewinds back into the drum.