Garcinia mangostana

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East Indian tree with thick leathery leaves and edible fruit

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Isolation of fungal endophytes from Garcinia mangostana and their antibacterial activity.
Majid, "In vitro and in vivo anti-colon cancer effects of Garcinia mangostana xanthones extract," BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol.
One of the several plants with insecticidal properties is Garcinia mangostana or commonly known as mangosteen.
Chemical analysis and preliminary toxicological evaluation of Garcinia mangostana seeds and seed oil.
Genetic diversity revealed in the apomict fruit species Garcinia mangostana L.
Fatty acid synthase inhibitors of phenolic constituents isolated from Garcinia mangostana.
2008) with Garcinia mangostana observed no callus formation in absence of NAA.
Technically a berry from the evergreen tree Garcinia mangostana, the mangosteen's leathery, purplish-brown pericarp reveals nothing of the opulent treasure concealed inside.
Garcinia mangostana is a well-known tropical plant found mostly in South East Asia.
Effects of herbal mouthwash containing the pericarp extract of Garcinia mangostana L on halitosis, plaque and papillary bleeding index.
No sistema de classificacao de Cronquist (1981), o mangostanzeiro esta ordenado na seguinte sequencia hierarquica: Divisao Magnoliophyta, classe Magnoliopsida, Subclasse Dilleniidae, ordem Theales, Familia clusiaceae, Subfamilia clusioideae, Genero Garcinia, especie Garcinia mangostana L.
InterHealth also offers Meratrim, a proprietary blend of two plant extracts--Sphaeanthus indicus flower heads and Garcinia mangostana.