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United States film actress (born in Sweden) known for her reclusiveness (1905-1990)

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In addition, Garbo products are also designed beautifully and creatively by their own design team.
As he recounts his journey with Garbo, the story moves quicklya"a"with more speed, even, than his present day narrative with James.
"We had the Garbo name and the worldwide media focus with film crews coming up from Brazil, Swedish public radio and hundreds of articles that were picked up," Woody said.
Garbo's former flat covers the whole of the fifth floor.
Garbo made her first feature film here, as Greta Gustafsson, and would eventually attract the attention of Hollywood and the rest of the movie-going world.
Garbo has a nice ring to it - enigmatic and private, with a wry nod to celebrity.
"We do not want a repeat of the Boston Marathon bombing at EDSA's prayer vigil," National Capital Region Police Office head Chief Superintendent Marcelo Garbo Jr said in a radio interview.
New York, December 3 ( ANI ): Greta Garbo - the legendarily reclusive actress who refused to sign autographs or give interviews - would have had "mixed feelings" if she knew about the auction next month of 800 of her possessions, according to her great-nephew Derek Reisfield.
Greta Garbo, now 43 and legendary as the woman who wanted to be alone, was sharing a love nest with aristocratic photographer and theatre designer Cecil Beaton.
AGENT GARBO: THE BRILLIANT, ECCENTRIC SECRET AGENT WHO TRICKED HITLER AND SAVED D-DAY provides a fine political biography of a self-made secret agent who tackled the Third Reich and saved thousands of American lives.
They then actually did bring him to London, gave him the code-name 'Garbo,' and further developed his work of deception.
Mr Churchill and President Roosevelt visited the pub in the Second World War and the actress Greta Garbo is also believed to have had a drink at the pub, which dates back to 1725.