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large heavily built seabird with a long stout bill noted for its plunging dives for fish

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A STUNNING image showing gannets diving for prey has been named Britain's best wildlife snap.
The winning photo Gannet Jacuzzi was snapped in an undisclosed location off the north of Scotland by by Dr Matt Doggett, from Southampton.
"I'd sold National Geographic the idea of a photo feature about gannets. The first time I went up there was in summer 2009, then I had to go back for three months in 2010 and then for another month in 2011 with the writer from National Geographic.
There's also a pop 'n' rock connection as the chief organiser of the Gannets crew is keyboardist Fyfe Dangerfield, who has been more widely known as the leader of Guillemots.
The February 1956 Geographical also featured a photo-essay on gannet hunting in the Faroe Islands.
Greg Armfield, from environmental charity World Wildlife Fund (WWF), who was one of the judges, said it is "a striking image that manages to capture in parallel the raw power and grace of the diving gannets".
Park, Bathgate, the Scottish SPCA have called for the annual hunt licence granted for the killing of thousands of gannet chicks to be revoked.
THOUSANDS of gannets will be slaughted on a remote Scots isle this week - then sold as a local delicacy.
First stop is Bass Rock, an island off East Lothian, where he reveals gannets reek as a side-effect of their diet.
HUGE flocks of gannets are moving spectacularly across the sea.
GANNETS are one of our largest seabirds, gliding over rough seas on two-metre wings, which they fold into an arrow when diving into the sea to catch fish.
A WELSH photographer has been given one of the greatest accolades in wildlife photography - seeing his remarkable images of gannets published in the National Geographic.
Visitors to the idyllically located centre are treated to sightings of amazing wildlife, including puffins, gannets and seal pups on live cameras.
As breathtaking as the gannets look as they plummet 30 metres into the sea, what goes on underwater is equally impressive.
GREEDY gannets headed straight for the champagne and seafood tent but were disappointed to discover that their free grub offer only extended to sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and a can of Pepsi.