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Met name in Gangreen 1, Black Venus (1968) is de missie op de achtergrond aanwezig als een door de ikfiguur verfoeide moralistische instelling.
His first novel was entitled Ik ben maar een neger (1962; But I am black), but he became a household name in Belgium with his novel Gangreen 1: Black Venus, which was accused of being both racist and pornographic.
in fact describes the signs of plague as currency: "those Spots they call'd the Tokens were really gangreen Spots, or mortified Flesh in small Knobs as broad as a little silver Peny" (p.
Players can join Buttercup in a series of adventures as she dodges obstacles, rescues citizens, collects power-ups and combats such evil scoundrels as Fuzzy Lumpkins and the notorious Gangreen Gang.