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United States physicist (born in Russia) who was a proponent of the big-bang theory and who did research in radioactivity and suggested the triplet code for DNA (1904-1968)


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It could also be expected that thorough understanding of the processes behind CMNS may also require revision of the Gamow factor to take into consideration the cluster deuterium interactions and also PT-symmetric periodic potential as discussed herein.
But this was not the only criticism leveled by Gamow. Of greater concern was the issue of correcting the errors that would inevitably be introduced by inaccuracies and outside inputs.
Her dad put her in a Gamow bag - an inatable, pressurised bag that is used to treat altitude sickness.
The most-watched broadcast was a debate on the origin of the Universe between Gamow (evolutionary/big bang) and Gold (steady state, the concept he co-authored with Hermann Bondi and Fred Hoyle), chaired by Butler.'
(4) Teoria da origem do Universo, proposta por Georges Lemaitre (1894-1966), em 1927, desenvolvida por George Gamow (1904-1968) e colaboradores, em 1948, e comprovada por Arno Penzias e Robert Wilson, em 1965.
* For more serious cases, or where rapid descent is impractical, a Gamow bag, a portable plastic hyperbaric chamber inflated with a foot pump, can be used to reduce the effective altitude by as much as 1,500 metres (5,000 ft).
A biography of physicists Max Delbr0ck and George Gamow describes their friendship and research in cosmology and genetics.
We also follow his personal life, how he enjoyed making trips to Russia, and how he began studying Russian amid some infatuation for Rho Gamow, the wife of the well-known George Gamow (p.
Which is mainly due to the coulomb's repulsive shroud among like charges or otherwise called Gamow barrier of the order of 5 kev.
En resumen, la teoria de Einstein, junto con los trabajos de Planck (cuanto de accion), Heisenberg (principio de incertidumbre), Bohr (primer modelo cuantico del atomo) permitieron un cambio en la aplicacion de las teorias de Newton y una clara diferenciacion entre la macrofisica (astronomia) y la fisica molecular, para alcanzar un apogeo (por el momento) con la teoria de Big Bang, postulada inicialmente en 1940 por el fisico ruso emigrado a Estados Unidos George Gamow y sus colaboradores de la Universidad George Washington.
In the future, I plan to give the students in my classroom several more historical illustrations of scientific discovery, some of which include the accidental discovery of penicillin by Alexander Fleming; the development of rabies vaccine by Louis Pasteur; the discovery of the genetic code, involving personalities such as Watson, Crick, George Gamow, Marshall Nirenberg, and Hargobind Khorana; and lastly, the story behind the Human Genome Project, involving the saga of Watson, Francis Collins, and Craig Venter.