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a worker who routes shipments for distribution and delivery

(computer science) a device that forwards data packets between computer networks

a power tool with a shaped cutter

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The gaming router also has a USB port, so that an external USB device, such as a hard disk or a flash drive, can be directly connected to the router to give all the users in the network access to the files on disk.
Sitecom WL-309 the revolutionary gaming router powered with simultaneous dual-band technology and StreamEngine technology it offers the best utility of one's bandwidth as well as enhanced user experience," said Khalaf Al Otaiba, CEO, Al Otaiba Group.
The Sitecom WL-309 wireless simultaneous dual-band 300N XR gigabit gaming router is priced at Dh849 ($231) and comes with two years replacement warranty, which can be extended up to 10 years, according to the statement.
The gaming router solution features Internet game acceleration that is over five times faster(1) on game response times than traditional routers, giving the game player a competitive edge during head-to-head matches.
When Ubicom's innovative Gamer QoS technology is added to its real-time ipOS(TM) operating system, the combination enables a gaming router that improves response times by delivering dramatically lower latency over a broadband connection.
In addition to its lightning speed, the gaming router solution supports most major 802.
Finally, the gaming router solution is also designed for security.
11a/b/g gaming router solution will be available as part of the IP3000 Software Development Kit (SDK), v6.