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Synonyms for gamble

take a chance




Synonyms for gamble

to make a bet

to put up as a stake in a game or speculation

to take a risk in the hope of gaining advantage

a venture depending on chance

a possibility of danger or harm

Synonyms for gamble

money that is risked for possible monetary gain

a risky act or venture

play games for money

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Because the court held that the taxpayer was a casual gambler in 2012 and 2013, his wagering gains were included in his gross income for each year, and he was allowed an itemized deduction each year for his wagering losses to the extent of the gains included in that year's gross income.
Investigations revealed that the Kuwaiti gamblers were often the victims of casino loan sharks who took advantage of their losses to offer to help settle their debts either by keeping their passports as guarantees or by ultimately taking over their properties and cars, the sources said, Al Qabas reported on Saturday.
This includes community awareness campaigns, community education programs in sporting clubs, schools and community organisations, and funding for Gamblers Help counselling services provided online, over the telephone and in 108 locations across Victoria.
Problem gamblers can be notorious for requiring direct questioning before disclosing their secrets.
By contrast, male problem gamblers report a lifelong history of gambling.
Nonproblematic Internet gamblers favored soccer betting (61.
Nearly all gamblers had played slots or electronic game machines.
By encouraging gambling, its prime function for the owners is the removal of cash from the gambler.
Unless gamblers are aware that these transactions are treated differently from normal everyday purchases, they will be losing money hand over fist as the top rate of interest stacks up," said Richard Brown, chief executive of Moneynet.
Poker has arrived, again, after a long period of dormancy, and it's not just for riverboat gamblers anymore.
Prime-time shows once portrayed gamblers and casino operators as shady characters, but on NBC's Las Vegas Big Ed Deline (James Caan) and his crew of friendly hosts and hostesses are sweet, hardworking folks eager to provide their guests with an enjoyable and safe holiday.
GRANDE PRAIRIE, AB -- The Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission has opened a residential treatment program for problem gamblers at the AADAC Northern Addictions Centre (NAC) in Grande Prairie.
The session is a free and informal meeting for gamblers as well as friends and families of gamblers who want help to quit the addiction.
This, too, is an electrifyingly unnerving number, but it pales by comparison with the $80 billion that chronic gamblers are supposedly costing the American government each year, according to The Wall Street Journal.