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a jungle fowl of southeastern Asia that is considered ancestral to the domestic fowl

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Published reference values for the Gallus gallus domesticus can be found in the Exotic Animal Formulary (6) and Schalm's Veterinary Hematology, (7) but the origin of these interval values could not be traced.
The primers were specific, as they did not detect the species Sus scrofa domesticus, Ovisaries, Gallus gallus domesticus or Salmo salar, suggesting that they may also be used to detect Bos Taurus and Bubalus bubalis DNA in other food products.
[3] and found to be a specific trait for genus Gallus gallus gallus.
Given this and the observed in the fowls of the present study, it was possible to verify a great variety in the number of lobes, thus characterizing the representation of peculiarities existing among the different lineages of Gallus gallus.
Fifty Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus Spadiceus), fifty Malaysian indigenous chickens (Gallus gallus Domesticus) and fifty broiler chickens (ROSS) were used.
Los controles positivos correspondieron a muestras de Gallus gallus, y como controles negativos y de reaccion, se utilizo agua destilada-desionizada.
Fertilised chicken eggs (Gallus gallus domesticus, Linnaeus, 1758) from the Cobb line were maintained in a humidified atmosphere in an incubator (Premium Ecologica, model IP120).
Weight-wise, Gallus gallus domesticus (the Latin name for all chickens) range from the teensy Serama Bantam that weighs no more than a can of soup to the aptly named Jersey Giant.
The chicken, Gallus gallus was found to be diverged from rest of the taxa significantly.
With special reference to the male reproductive tract organs vascularization, we have found reports on birds (Gallus gallus) (Dias et al., 1980, 1981) and Gallus domesticus (Nishida, 1964), being found for Gallus domesticus studies on testicular weight and dimensions Marvan and Amer & Shahin.
Since our goal was to infer the evolutionary status of the TNF-[alpha] gene, and it is known that TNF-[alpha] is absent in the avian lineage [12], we included the TNF-[beta] sequence of an avian species, Gallus gallus, in our study.
The campus of Michigan State University is home to Female #256, the Red Jungle Fowl (Gallus gallus) chicken whose blood samples gave researchers the 1 billion DNA units needed to create the first high-quality draft sequence of the chicken genome.