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Here we capitalize on our ability to obtain populations of a gall fly with unusually low levels of parasitism, without the use of cages, to test the relative importance of top-down vs.
In late spring, a gall fly lays her egg at the tip of a goldenrod stem in leaves that are still very young and folded up.
Wasylyk and their co-workers presented what Wasylyk says is the first example of vitrification in an animal, in this case a gall fly.
The Cape ivy gall fly, Parafreutreta regalis, lays eggs in the tips of stems, where vines and leaves would normally develop.
Larvae of the goldenrod gall fly (Eurosta solidaginis) are attacked by a variety of parasites and predators.
Variation in selection pressure on the goldenrod gall fly and the competitive interactions of its natural enemies.