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an area of northern Israel

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Our vision is to bring 300,000 more residents to Galilee in the next decade," he added.
Table - Summary of Open-cut Reserve Estimate for the South Galilee Coal Project JV*
Mr Davies said: "These are exciting proposals, seeking to develop the exhibition space in the Galilee Chapel, and will be of huge benefit to the area in terms of education and heritage.
However, while we are in ongoing discussions with several Galilee Basin mine proponents we have not yet progressed to definitive contractual arrangements with any proponent.
We only ask that the Israeli ambassador and Netanyahu reciprocate by coming up to speed on the coins of the Tyrians and Galileans and Nabateans and the coins of ancient Phoenician and the Greek city-states along the coast of Palestine, Galilee and Lebanon.
At least 2,000 M16 assault rifle bullets as well as 24 grenades for a single shot M203 launcher were stolen from a military bunker at the army base in the Upper Galilee, RT reported.
With his wife pleading that he undergo drug rehab, Lougene sought out Galilee Homes, a Church-run center in the mountains of Bulacan.
The company, however, has not secured its bid for a A$900 million loan from the federal government for a railway that would provide service to it and other miners in Queensland's Galilee Basin.
Miners seeking the green light to dig up Queensland's Galilee basin should be stopped as a priority, according to a new report showing existing fossil fuels projects worldwide are enough to push global warming beyond 2C.
SAKHNIN, October 1, 2016 (WAFA) - Palestinians in Israel plan to mark Saturday the anniversary of the Al Aqsa uprising when Israeli police shot and killed 13 people in the Galilee, the Triangle and in the Naqab.
A new drought is in full swing in Israel, as evidenced by the plummeting water level of the Sea of Galilee, known locally as the Kinneret, which
Mapping Galilee in Josephus, Luke, and John: Critical Geography and the Construction of an Ancient Space
Root makes a significant contribution to ongoing conversations about the cultural, religious, and economic environment of first-century Galilee.
Chapter 1 deals with the influence and impact of Hellenization in Judea in general and Galilee in particular.
Agnon's death, his daughter, Emunah Yaron, published To the Galilee in Hebrew as "HaGalilah," in a collection entitled Pithei Devarim.