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Synonyms for Galilean

an inhabitant of Galilee (an epithet of Jesus Christ)

one of the four satellites of Jupiter that were discovered by Galileo

Related Words

of or relating to Galilee or its inhabitants


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Ruiz views Galilean Journey as a tragic instance of irresponsible theological research, a negative example that underscores his call for greater cooperation between systematic theologians and biblical scholars.
That's how the descendants of the ancient Galileans identify themselves to this day.
It is a premise of the Galilean principle of relativity that every reference frame behaves mechanically like an enclosed compartment at rest.
In a Galilean system, the eyepiece is a concave lens and the objective lens is convex.
This race is the longest two-year-old maiden of the season in Ireland and Galilean looks well equipped for the task at hand.
PICK6 PERM 2 Galilean 1.40 2 Jet Setting 2.10 4 Downforce 2.45 6 Seanie 13 Severus 3 Ivan Grozny 3.20 1 Penhill 3.55 5 Timiyan 4 Prickly 4.25 11 Cradle Mountain 15 Oighear Dubh 16 Clonard Street VVRECOMMENDED perm: 24 lines at €1 per line, a total stake of €24 Irish 1,000 Guineas winner Jet Setting enjoys similar status with ground conditions in her favour in the Group 3 Concorde Stakes (2.10).
The Galilean moons - Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto - are just large enough to be seen through a pair of binoculars and are easily seen when using a telescope as four points of light around the disc of Jupiter.
While a person who believes that Elvis is still alive is unlikely to get promoted to a position of great power and responsibility, you cannot get elected president unless you say you believe the equally irrational belief that a Bronze Age Galilean man once walked on water.
To really understand the Jesus movement and appreciate its rapid expansion, one needs to know the Galilean context where it all began.
His most revolutionary act-what is at the core of what might be called the Galilean moment --was to usher in a way of looking at the world in which we can look at the heavens with lenses, think of its chandeliers and swings as pendulums, and read its book in the language of mathematics.
These so-called Galilean satellites, named after the 17th century scientist Galileo Galilei, who discovered them with a telescope, complete orbits around Jupiter with durations ranging from 2 days to 17 days.
It pushes the dating of Jesus's life back nearly a generation to ancient Judea and shows how the real historical Jesus was actually Judas the Galilean. Any who want a different interpretation of Jesus will find this a compelling argument backed by Biblical writings and history alike.
She covers the prologue and narrative beginnings in Luke 1:1-4:13, Jesus' Galilean ministry in Luke 4:14-9:50, speech and silence in the central section Luke 9:51-19:44, and the passion and post-resurrection narratives of Luke 19:45-24:53.