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small pie filled with minced seasoned pork

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Lunch will be a ham salad or a Mugshot, and for tea it will be any one of a number of Slimming World recipes, from Donna kebab meat to a gala pie or chicken, all with lots of salad.
Pack some gala pie and lashings of ginger beer and get out with the kids, old and young.
Then a colleague's husband thoughtfully gave me the Tatler parties guide and all plans for a cheesy disco and buffet of gala pie were crushed under a wave of overambition.
And, of course, Heston, being Heston, had to go and spoil a decent gala pie by substituting the meat for beetroot and horseradish ice cream.
THE boiled eggs and gala pie of childhood picnics past were not in evidence at Crosby marine lake on Saturday.
Taking the clingfilm off the buffet before 10pm and pinching the gala pie, dragging the Queen between his legs for Oops Upside Your Head and grabbing the mic off the DJ to start a Sinatra sing-song, before chucking up the pie in the back of a cab?
Pick a nice castle and no sausage rolls or gala pie.
I hope these ``philosophers'' are in line for a bonus and a generous portion of celebration gala pie.
I had a slice of gala pie, took the chips out of the pan and left it on the burner, and sat down in front of the TV withmy dinner on a tray.
Whatever happened to the old St John's Market, with the turkeys all hanging up at Christmas, the gala pie with the egg in the middle, and the street stalls at the back of the market with ducks, geese, kittens and puppy dogs all for sale?
Andrew's brief was to cook 200 gala pies to provide the "bricks" for the TV pub - The Heston Arms - and 130 sheets of puff pastry, each measuring 18ins by 30ins, to provide the roof tiles.