Gaius Caesar

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Roman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifest insanity

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Sulpicius Quirinius 2 BC Quirinius 1 BC Gaius Caesar AD 1 Gaius Caesar AD 2 Gaius Caesar AD 3 Gaius Caesar AD 4 G.
This means that the order of Roman governors was Varus (4 BC)/Quirinius (3 BC and 2 BC)/ Varus again--but wait a minute here; we also know that Gaius Caesar became governor in 1 BC, so how could Varus possibly have been governor a second time--the Lapis Tiburtinus notwithstanding?
Knowing that Gaius Caesar was a consul of Rome as well as governor of Syria in AD 1 (which meant he had official duties in Rome also) and knowing that the did return to Rome at least once, it is easy to place him in Rome after Herod died.
23) Gaius Caesar died in Syria in AD 4, so even if Table 147 does not mention his replacement, it is reasonable to suppose that L.