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Roman Emperor who succeeded Tiberius and whose uncontrolled passions resulted in manifest insanity

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The genus Gaius has had a rather confusing taxonomic history, and for 60 years it was not even recognized as valid following its synonymy with Anidiops Pocock, 1897 by Main (1957), the latter itself now a synonym of Idiosoma (as per Rix et al.
Gaius stated that there are still a number of vehicles which Gbudue state authorities were supposed to release them but they found it that some government officials are still using them, adding that generators and most of office equipment are yet to be released.
"Only politicians, historians, and generals classify battles as victories or defeats," says Gaius's journal.
(17) Il est difficile de dire si l'expose d'Ulpien qui suit l'opinion de Gaius au D.
As Rachel pushes to discover the truth in all these mysteries, she interacts with a large cast of distinctive schoolmates, such as the irrepressible Siggy and his dragon; elegant Princess Nastasia of Magical Australia; Valerie Foxx, girl reporter; and handsome Gaius Valient.
Visiting Roman soldiers Caius and Gaius Flavius Longinus (aka Lance Prince and Gary Rodwell) arrived as centurions armed with shields, javelins and daggers.
Mary is setting out to separate fact from fiction about the Roman emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus - nick-named Caligula.
A Civil War correspondent in New Orleans; the journals and reports of Albert Gaius Hills of The Boston Journal.
In between were some of the men most remembered today: Augustus, Tiberius, Gaius Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Vespasian and Titus.
(1) Josephus says Herod received his kingship from two of the three triumvirs, Marcus Antonius (Antony) and Gaius Octavius (the future Caesar Augustus) in the year Gnaeus Domitius Calvinus (for the second time) and Gaius Asinius Pollio were consuls, which was 40 BC; (15) from this date he counts 37 years to Herod's death.
Richard Wilson, who plays Merlin's mentor Gaius, said: "I'm extremely sad that Merlin has come to an end.
A few times O.'s argument is almost too clever--for example, when he argues in connection with the Gaius text in Bellum Judaicum 2 that "Gaius has trouble closing a gap" (154).
On the Wings of Eagles: The Reforms of Gaius Marius and the Creation of Rome's First Professional Soldiers.
Extensive excavation in the past five years and historical cross-checks have provided further weight to support the hypothesis that the house belonged to Gaius Octavius, Augustus's father.
By what name was Gaius Julius Caesar said to be the food of the gods?