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Synonyms for gait

Synonyms for gait

the rate of moving (especially walking or running)


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Thus, the y-axial signal components of gait movements would be incorporated into our study of gait analysis. In the observations of the signal's vertical axis (or z-axis), it was found that the signal's variations were greatly with personal habit in walking, and it might be suitable to investigate personal walking habit.
Caplan, "Post-operative gait analysis in total hip replacement patients-a review of current literature and meta-analysis," Gait and Posture, vol.
Whilst laboratory gait analysis allows researchers to set up a standardised protocol easily to ensure the reliability of results, the data collected may not be relevant to the community setting.
[Three dimensional ultasonic gait analysis in schizophrenic patients].
This appears to contradict the observed decrease in range of motion and decreased maximum stifle angle detected in the gait analysis. However, the gait analysis only included one animal per group and should be interpreted with caution.
The overground gait analysis of patients with visual deprivation should be designed in the future to explore the vestibular contribution without the effect of other sensory information.
With the advances in gait analysis technology, the major limitation is not the ability to produce high quality data but knowing how best to use the data to benefit the patients.
Gait Analysis. Gait analysis used the CatWalk XT (the CatWalk XT was provided by Medical School of Chinese PLA) (Noldus, Netherlands), which consists of a glass plate runway equipped with a fluorescent tube and a camera.
The system utilises facial recognition and gait analysis to unlock car doors.
To mark the World Physical Therapy Day - which falls on Sept.8 every year - the Rehabilitation Centre at the RAK Hospital is offering free intensive screening on back strength and gait analysis.
* Forensic Gait Analysis. The analysis and comparison of gait or features of gait, including gait patterns, from Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage.
On the rehabilitation theme, Camera's Professor James Bilzon is working to apply advanced gait analysis to developing next-generation prosthetic limbs for amputees.
forensic gait analysis reveal about the legal recognition and