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Synonyms for gait

Synonyms for gait

the rate of moving (especially walking or running)


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Questo lavoro, infatti, ha guidato la paziente verso la percezione, il controllo e l'iniziale correzione dello schema in iperlordosi lombare con antiversione di bacino associata/sostenuta dalla flessione di anca, che compariva nella prima valutazione, permettendo un aumento del ROM articolare che si e riflesso anche nella cinematica del passo, come indicano i tracciati di Gait Analysis.
All the patients were able to complete both clinical and instrumental evaluation with Gait Analysis.
Gait analysis is designed to provide objective, quantitative information about all aspects of gait, from overall walking to specific joint-related ranges of motion.
The ultimate goal of the gait analysis is to prescribe the type of running shoe that will correct biomechanical abnormalities (such as pronation) and allow for a neutral running gait.
used accelerometers and gyroscopes to conduct gait analysis in OA patients and reported that these sensors were approximately the same as the Vicon [5].
This new edition features new chapters on biomechanics of the foot and gait analysis as well as an additional "Solved Problems" chapter with clinically relevant biomechanical questions and their step-by-step solutions.
The other advanced equipment include a gait analysis machine, decompression machines, a laser machine and a shockwave machine to treat tendon injuries,
Once you have recovered from this problem, a gait analysis may help correct any biomechanical issues that may be impacting your running.
Measuring Walking: a Handbook of Clinical Gait Analysis.
A comparative analysis was performed to compare patient groups who received clinical gait analysis with the DGI and/or POMA with those who were not assessed upon initial evaluation.
Among their topics are an overview of biometrics and biometrics systems, multi-modal biometric systems and information fusion, Markov chain for multi-modal biometric rank fusion, robotics, chaotic neural networks, and novel applications such as gait analysis and social networks.
He will also be joined by experts from Up and Running, the specialist running store, who will offer technical support such as Gait Analysis and, following the sessions, which start at 6pm in order to enable city centre dwellers to attend for a post-work workout, participants will be invited to the canal side lounge bar at theclubandspa for light refreshments.
Haydn will discuss gait analysis and what you can learn from this to improve your horse's performance.
He can be easily identified by the way he walks out of the bank, thanks to automated gait analysis.