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a system in which employees receive a share of the net profits of the business

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The board is encouraging businesses 'to adopt productivity improvement schemes such as time and motion studies, good housekeeping, quality circles, labor-management cooperation as well as implement gainsharing programs.'
I first introduced gainsharing while working for Lee Enterprises in Madison, Wis.
(54) Hearing on Gainsharing, Subcommittee on Health, Committee on Ways and Means, U.S.
While "gainsharing" and collaboration with other companies--even competitors--to achieve logistics cost and service improvements would appear to be markers for advanced relationships, it seems that these approaches are more preferred in certain shipper-3PL relationships, and less in others.
(78) Further clarifying its reading of the statute with respect to gainsharing, (79) the OIG stated in 1999 that appropriately structured gainsharing arrangements were prohibited, without regard to necessity or prudence as informed by current medical practice, even though they may provide financial benefit to the provider without an adverse impact on the quality of care.
Examine results of a New Jersey gainsharing program and see how the cost savings used to pay the physicians were achieved.
To make this happen, most major 3PLs are investing heavily in Big Data capabilties to ensure direct-to-consumer customization, and they're asking shippers to join them in "gainsharing" relationships as they move forward in the global arena.
There was a time, back in the 1980s and early '90s, when companies spent a lot of effort and creativity developing "gainsharing" plans and other creative incentives designed to foster a profitable win-win for employees and company.
Doctors in Arkansas are about to find out what that's all about as the state's Medicaid program--along with two private insurance companies--kicks off a gainsharing program.
As part of a five-year gainsharing program for cardiology, cardiac surgery and vascular surgery, St.
(251) These projects concern "gainsharing" between hospitals and physicians.
They also include providing future cash rewards to employees who achieve wellness-related goals; gainsharing arrangements where a portion of corporate healthcare cost savings is reimbursed to employees; fringe-benefit rewards, such as higher 401(k) contributions, life insurance payouts, or disability payouts; and avoided cash outflows, such as reduced healthcare-coverage premiums for qualifying employees.
Bribes, which are referred to as "gainsharing," will of course be subject to taxation, and individuals who have both Medicare and Medicaid will not be eligible to receive the government bribes.
The final essay in Section II explores and highlights the use of gainsharing, a way performance management systems often build in rewards for improved or excellent performance.