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the Gaelic of Scotland


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Rannsachadh na Gaidhlig 5: Fifth Scottish Gaelic Research Conference is also a collection of conference papers.
"Feisean nan Gaidheal is in discussion with the other regular funders of Blas - Creative Scotland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Bord na Gaidhlig - and we hope for agreement with them and a resolution from the council to enable us to run the festival later on in the year," said the festival.
Shona NicIllinnein, chief executive of Gaelic language agency Bord na Gaidhlig, said: "Tartan, kilts, whisky and bagpipes are all from Gaelic culture and have all been adopted by Scotland as international icons, but the links to where they have come from has been lost for most people.
The Books Council (Comhairle nan Leabhraichean) might be said to have prospered from the outset, supported by Scottish Education Department and Scottish Arts Council funding, funding now replaced by support from Creative Scotland and Bord na Gaidhlig. The Dictionary project made a good start but faltered for a while, partly from lack of funding, much to Thomson's regret, but in recent years it has been re-energised and given a much more ambitious agenda.
The event, hosted by Lorraine Kelly, had the support of high-profile sponsors including: Bord Na Gaidhlig, Clydesdale Bank, Event Consultants Scotland, Highland Spring, MCL, Radisson SAS Hotel Glasgow, Redpath, Royal Mail, Scottish & Newcastle, Standard Life, The Business, VisitScotland and Whyte & Mackay.
Canan & cultar/Language & culture; rannsachadh na gaidhlig 3.
Bord na Gaidhlig, which promotes the use of the language, welcomed the move.
Tha Blas na Gaidhlig air a h-uili Fidhleir [The Scottish Accent in the Fiddle].
But Allan Campbell, chief executive of Comunn Na Gaidhlig - the Gaelic development agency - said it would have been better if the language had been used by someone younger.
Gaidhlig Dumgal, the region's Gaelic language and culture society, celebrated Robert Burns at the Gordon Memorial Hall in Castle Douglas.
Another innovative Scottish corpus is the focus of the fifth chapter, by Roibeard O Maolalaigh: 'Corpos na Gaidhlig and Singular Nouns with the Numerals "three" to "ten" in Scottish Gaelic'.
Gaelic development agency Comunn na Gaidhlig wanted the question added to April's census forms to find out the number of Gaelic speakers left.