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Soviet cosmonaut who in 1961 was the first person to travel in space (1934-1968)

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The Gagarin Research and Test Cosmonaut Training Center, a Roscosmos enterprise, located in Star City, Russia, is a worldwide training facility, collaborating with space agencies from different countries such as NASA (USA), CSA (Canada), ESA (Europe) JAXA (Japan) and others.
Nikita Khrushchev (1894-1971), former prime minister of the Soviet Union, put those words in Gagarin's mouth when he declared during a plenary meeting of the Central Committee of the Soviet Union: "Yuri Gagarin flew into space and he said he didn't see God there." Khrushchev thought he had disproven God's existence with that statement.
While the book's primary viewpoint is that of the west, it does contain several chapters focusing individuals from the Eastern Bloc: one American-born spy for Russia, two defectors (one East German and one North Korean), and Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Wise and Baron provide a balanced treatment of the Communist Bloc individuals.
Astronauts in Russias space programme are called cosmonauts and Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin is the best known of them.
Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the first man in outer space when the Vostok-1 spacecraft with the Soviet cosmonaut on board was launched from the Baikonur space center on April 12, 1961, at 6:07 AM local time, marking a new era in human history.
Andrew Jenks, the author of the Gagarin biography, contributes an essay to Into the Cosmos; Slava Gerovitch, Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock, and Roshanna Sylvester each offer articles in both Into the Cosmos and Soviet Space Culture; and Siddiqi writes the introduction and an article for Into the Cosmos and the epilogue for Soviet Space Culture.
According to BBC, Alexey Leonov has claimed that an 'unauthorized' plane flew too close to Gagarin's fighter jet before sending it in a spin.
On April 12, 1961, Gagarin's Vostok 1 spacecraft lifted him to an altitude of 200 miles and carried him once around the Earth.
Our second photo shows a postcard of Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space on April 12, 1961 - on the Vostok 1 spacecraft.
CYPRIOT composer George Kallis has been commissioned to score the music for the multi-million dollar film Gagarin: First in Space that explores the life of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.
24 August 2012 a[euro]" Bulgarian cigarette filters and cardboard packages producer Yuri Gagarin Plc (BUL:4PX) announced on Friday that its board of directors had decided to terminate its EUR6m (USD7.5m) deal to take over Filstyle-Hungary Kft.
September 5, 2011 (KHARTOUM) -- The prominent Sudanese diplomat Ali Gagarin has assiduously denied that he holds a positive view of the U.S.
Manchester Airport in northern England announced on Tuesday that it has unveiled a plaque at Terminal 3 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of a visit by Yuri Gagarin.
STARMAN: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LEGEND OF YURI GAGARIN is a 'must' for any collection strong in space history, and for many a general interest library.