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a city in west central Tunisia

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"We would like to talk to Tunisians and the people of Gafsa to explain why we are in this presidential campaign, what are the objectives, what is our vision for a stronger, more modern and developed Tunisia," the candidate said.
Cette zone montagneuse se situe a 60 km de Gafsa et a 470 km de Tunis, signale-t-on.
This decrease is linked to the impact of severe weather and heavy hail this year, said Abdessattar Ghabtan, head of crop production under the regional agricultural development commission in Gafsa.
TUNIS: Hundreds of swimmers have been flocking to a mysterious new lake in the Gafsa region of southern Tunisia, but the sudden appearance of the water body in the drought-stricken area has raised concerns about its origin and quality.
Police eventually managed to restore order with the help of reinforcements sent from Gafsa, the regional capital.
Unemployment rates stand at 15.7% but that rises 29% in impoverished Siliana and Gafsa.
Le couvre-feu est impose de 19h00 a 06h00 du matin, selon un communique du gouvernorat de Gafsa cite par la TAP.
In March, a false job offer allegedly posted by the GPC Gafsa phosphate company, which imposed quotas on a tribal basis, sparked disturbances.
This Public company, which was founded in 1896, operates 8 opencast mines and 5 phosphate enrichment centres in the mining basin of Gafsa.
(TAP) -- A Carter Centre observer group kicked off tours in the region of Gafsa, on the occasion of the start of the electoral campaign for the 2019 early presidential elections.
Summary: The harvest of pistachios in the governorate of Gafsa will reach this year 615 tons, making the region of Gafsa, the second largest producer of this dry fruit nationwide after
Ammar Gharsalla, a 48-year-old father of three, had been among protestors staging a sit-in outside the Gafsa government office last Thursday to highlight the unemployment problem in the region.
Summary: A symposium dubbed "Partnership and private investment payment" was held on Thursday, in the governorate of Gafsa at the initiative of the Industrial Promotion Agency (API).