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an electrician responsible for lighting on a movie or tv set

a person who exercises control over workers

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110 Ethan John Hello gaffa all the best I'll be down supporting you always through hard and good times c'mon the Bluebirds.
Jade Bird, The Blinders, Gaffa Tape Sandy, Sorry, Sam Fender, Billie Marten, Matt Maltese, Saint Phnx and Stereohoney also join the line-up.
Gaffa, Lindsay, grandsons and partners; Andrew, Sarah, Mark, Tina and great-grandkids.
A TV cameraman, just off the green, notices one of his cables is in danger of splicing, so shouts to a colleague to throw him a roll of Gaffa So he races on to the green and saves the day to a round of applause from the galleries.
Dion Dublin, who played for the club between 1992 and 1994 "Thanks Gaffa for the chance you gave me back in 1992 to play for the BIGGEST club in the world & grace OT as a Man United player #indebted".
You can end up saying, "There's a nice box and some tin foil and gaffa tape and stick a few empty beer cans in there and that looks like a robot." I think it was just a poor childhood on my part, you get used to making your own toys.
Unfortunately there are a couple of fillers such as Oh, La and Suspended In Gaffa, which gives the slight impression they rushed the album, focusing on quantity rather than quality.
Jubilant fans sang "We are the Champions" while others chanted "Rafa is the Gaffa" in recognition of manager Rafa Benitez.
And to make sure the night runs smoothly, weekly residents Jazzie J, Kenny Jordan and The Gaffa will play tried and tested crowd-pleaser sets.
Gaffa Hassan is detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, and has been a patient at Llanarth Court Hospital in Abergavenny since January 2001.
First match specials - Gaffa at the Gabba 1pt run, 10pts catch/stumping, 20pts win match, 10pts win toss(Alec Stwart perf') 68-75; You have been Warned (Shane Warne perf') 58-65.
Les Howie talking to the Walker Central boys on the Bobby Moore pitch, while manager Brian Sweeney is seated in the front row listening to his old gaffa
" Anees Da Gaffa added: "RIP, he was a one in million.