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Synonyms for Gaelic

any of several related languages of the Celts in Ireland and Scotland

relating to or characteristic of the Celts


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There are 10 categories recognising contributions to Gaelic life, including a Young Gaelic Ambassador of the Year and an International Award.
There will also be an opportunity to learn a waulking song, a folk song traditionally sang in Gaelic by women bashing tweed.
The Isle of Skye: The place name is Eilean a' Cheo in Gaelic, which translates as "the isle of the mist".
It wants the industry to place as much as value on the language and culture as Scottish food, drink, tartan, music and landscapes, and see Gaelic as "an asset to be marketed to visitors".
Delighted youngsters joined in singing, dancing and games during the Gaelic celebration of the annual arts extravaganza.
Building on this theoretical foundation, Murray then considers a range of older Gaelic works rooted in particular places and landscapes, including Fenian ballads connected to Perthshire and other parts of the Scottish Gaidhealtachd (though originally associated with Ireland) and the remarkable 'Oran na Comhachaig' ('The Song of the Owl'), composed by Domhnall mac Fhionnlaigh nan Dan around 1600 and situated in the liminal territories around Rannoch Moor.
Brendan Harkin, chairman of the Four Masters Gaelic Club, said: "The school had great faith in this team, and expected them to do well, but it is always pleasing to get out there and win.
They expect a huge turnout and perhaps a few puzzled looks from curious Slovaks who come out to watch the unusual Irish sport they know nothing about.What is Gaelic football?Gaelic football has a long tradition in Ireland.
It will explore what this means in terms of the Scottish Literary Renaissance, and Gaelic and Scots, and also venture slightly into the politics of translation and minority language literature in general.
Half an hour later, our conversation over, Faris had introduced me to a sport that I'd seen in the rest of the Middle East, but never knew existed in Oman as well: Turns out he was the CEO of Oman's Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).
The Arabian Celts Gaelic football club is urging women to join the ranks of its popular squad to raise awareness and further develop the sport in the kingdom.A special crossover exhibition was staged recently at the Bahrain Rugby Football Club (BRFC) in Janibaya, where the island's soccer ladies were invited to try the alternative fast-paced sport first hand.
YOUR correspondent James of Edinburgh is mistaken in thinking that "gansey" is a Gaelic word, quoting the Welsh version "ganseigh" in support of his claim.
This dual-language text collects articles by Gaelic poet Duncan Blair (1815-1893) published in the then famous Nova Scotia Gaelic newspaper Mac-Talla.
The purpose of this essay is to examine the utopian impulses and constructions within the Irish-language social movement known as the Gaelic League, a movement that formed the nucleus of mass Irish cultural nationalism at the fin de siecle.