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the vertical triangular wall between the sloping ends of gable roof

United States film actor (1901-1960)

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Outside, a new trellis extends the gabled roof line over the deck to provide dappled shade; eventually, the trellis will support hop vines.
With a 5-foot cantilever, he created room for the study to expand; its new gabled roof echoes the house's main gable.
But to achieve the tall volume the Aratas desired in a new room, the roof over each of the surrounding wings had to come off, In the remodel, one massive gabled roof replaces the three smaller ones.
A gabled roof, a short porch extension, and even the wooden casement windows (which were bought secondhand, all mimic features of the bigger house.
and the Carlyle Group LLC in 1999 on the site of the old Brighton Beach Baths, the buildings are five to 12 stories high with classic gabled roofs and balconies.
Rose Terrace, Rose Lane's new 60-bed skilled nursing addition, has a "clustered cottage" layout characterized by richly articulated interior pathways, tower suites, private courtyards, and gabled roofs. The layout includes four distinct 15-bed living clusters connected by a variety of quaint social spaces in lieu of traditional corridors.