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According to reports, the previous negotiations between the government and the GSPC had broken down over their demand for a similar amnesty to the one granted the Islamic Salvation Army (AIS), the military wing of the FIS.
In addition to the GSPC, which has become a dominant faction in the conflict, other smaller movements formed in the late 1990s to continue the struggle while weakening the GIA's position in the jihad movement.
He added that under the able leadership of the State Government, GSPC Group has been able to establish a robust natural gas infrastructure to ensure availability of piped natural gas and CNG to millions of households and industries in Gujarat.
For more information about SPE, visit; about Paulson Training Programs, visit; and about GSPC, visit
The GSPC led to better decision-making--better and timelier."
"Nevertheless, taken at face value, the latest GSPC figures do offer some tentative reasons to be optimistic about housing market prospects in the west of Scotland."
As announced in October last year, GSPC is paying INR24.6bn (USD426m/EUR321m) for the majority interest.
The truth of this was demonstrated when GSPC's head Amari Saifi was captured in northern Chad in 2004.
L'accuse, qui n'a jamais ete juge, a explique qu'il maintient sa demande: celle de la presence de son chef et l'un des principaux accuses en l'occurrence Amari Saifi alias Abderrezak El-Para, l'ex-[beaucoup moins que]emir[beaucoup plus grand que] de la zone est du GSPC et commanditaire de l'enlevement de 32 touristes au sud algerien.
He alleged that Modi has gifted away 20 percent of Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation's (GSPC) stake in the Krishna-Godavari Basin to two companies, Geo Global and Jubilant Enpro Private limited.
THE Comptroller and Auditor general of India ( CAG) has indicted Gurajat government- owned Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation ( GSPC) for favouring big corporate houses like Reliance Industries Limited ( RIL) and the Adanis.
fundamentalist GSPC which was renamed in 2007 as Al-Qaeda Organization in the
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 10, 2011--CRISIL improves rating on GSPC Gas Co to A(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
It is also unlikely that AQIM would revert to being a strictly "Algerianist" organization like its predecessor, the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (GSPC), because the reasons for the GSPC's dissolution and its transformation into AQIM persist.