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former measure of the United States economy

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When compared with traditional polymer composites filled with typical micron-sized fillers like silica, talc, titanium dioxide, and so on, polymer nanocomposites can accomplish much greater improvements in various physical properties despite containing much less amount of nanometer-sized fillers like graphene [6-8], graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) [9,10], carbon nanotubes [2,11-13], carbon nanofibers [2,14], nanoclay [15-17], metal oxide nanoparticles [18], and cellulose nanocrystals [19].
Basic Structure of GNP. GA has a string structure, and GP has a tree structure.
A homogenous dispersion of GNP in the PET matrix was noted in this study after some shearing has been used to improve interaction between PET matrix and GNP.
GNP provides products in the Upper Midwest, with production facilities in Cold Spring and Luverne, Minnesota, and Arcadia, Wisconsin, approximately 400 family farm partners and more than 1,700 team members.
* My GNP Mobile App, which allows users to refill prescriptions online and also incorporates a store locator and health news.
Does rising Philippine GDP or GNP tell us that the lives of Filipinos are improving?
In recent years, the use of non-toxic GNPs as photosensitizer carriers in cancer targeted PDT has also been considered.
One of the ways GNP remains on the cutting edge is through constant training and education for the entire GNP team.
The GNP plans, Linea Azul Internacional and Linea Azul VIP, are to roll out this month with international coverage from Aetna.
With an objective to divulge the biomolecules responsible for GNP biosynthesis, dialysis of the fungal ECF was carried out using dialysis membrane tubing having a molecular weight cut-off of 12 kDa.
The main opposition Democratic Party confirmed the offer was made during Lee's rare personal visit to parliament and talks with parliamentary speaker Park Hee-Tae, GNP Chairman Hong Joon-Pyo and Sohn Hak-Kyu, head of the main opposition Democratic Party.
There is no question that Kuznets's GNP data--a measure of the economy's total output--was a useful framework for wartime planning and later was an enormously important and lasting aid to the empirical study of economics.
It is a two-sided story - positive and negative," he said, stressing that industrial prosperity is based on continuous applications for projects, therefore the country needs to increase these to achieve a rise in the industrial sector's contribution to GNP.
The result was a steadily growing per capita GNP in an inflation-controlled economy - inflation ranged from 4.4 percent in 2000-01 to 7.8 percent in 2007-08.