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As part of the deal, GLI will acquire from SMEF USD 800,000 of senior preferred stock in the share capital of The Credit Junction.
The test car was a Jetta GLI Edition 30 With Navigation (yes, that's the proper name) with a $30,595 sticker price including an oppressive $820 delivery charge and no options.
In October last year, GLI announced it had been awarded an interior design contract by the Fairmont Hotel Riyadh for 303 rooms, including 205 King Suites, 46 Twin Suites, the Presidential and Royal Suites and the Gold Lounge.
We're not overtly branding GLI as Premier--its provenance is not the issue.
This is also true for the Jetta GLI, fuel economy in this vehicle is 12km per litre in motorway driving and 9km per litre in city with the DSG transmission making it one of the most economical sporty sedans of its class.
The Jetta GLI sports sedan adds dynamism to the Volkswagen Middle East lineup2008 Volkswagen Middle East has recently introduced to the region the most powerful Jetta, the Jetta GLI, which breathes new passion and liveliness into the globally successful series.
The Jetta GLI qualifies as a dynamic sports sedan, mainly because it is powered by a 200 hp/4 cylinder engine that develops a torque of 207 Newton metres available from just 1,800 rpm all the way through to 5,000 rpm.
As GAO reported in 2005, developing the sensitive analytical methods needed to measure pollutants at the GLI water quality criteria level is a significant challenge to achieving GLI's goals.
Crandall and Schwimmer formed GLI as a vehicle to acquire strategic targets in certain segments of the pool industry.
Marsh will use the information that it gathers to develop a sophisticated profile of the residential construction GLI market.
Look-up Table" method of dry calibration of GLI sensors provides accuracy across the full flow range.
It is considered a major success story in both its technical content and its development process, but it is likely that many GLI concepts will be incorporated into future federal and state regulatory initiatives.
Apparently, this water is not clean enough for GLI, so new proposals are calling for companies to pretreat their water before POTW does.
The new 2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI is coming soon, and Sunrise Volkswagen is sharing the details with LI VW Jetta GLI fans.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, has revealed its Beetle Post, Jetta GLI Nardo, Golt GTI RS, Golf R Heritage and Golf Alltrack Country concepts at the SoWo car show in Savannah, Georgia last weekend.