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a Marxist-Leninist terrorist group of Kurds trying to establish an independent Kurdish state in eastern Turkey

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This study set out to use advanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), MiSeq (Illumina, San Diego, US), to determine the genetic variation of GJB2, MYO7A, CDH23, TH and EVC2 in two Pakistani deaf brothers.
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Literature comparison of mutations observed in the GJB2 gene
The mutation screening strategy was to investigate GJB2 gene mutations including 35delG mutation (OMIM: 121011).
O estudo genetico investigou inicialmente a presenca da mutacao 35delG no gene GJB2. Mutacoes no gene GJB2 constituem a principal causa de surdez genetica de heranca autossomica recessiva, sendo a mutacao 35delG a mais comum em muitos grupos etnicos.
La mutacion p.Q829X, ubicada en el exon 22 del gen OTOF, se ha descrito como la tercera mutacion mas frecuente en poblacion espanola con sordera no sindromica, luego de las mutaciones en el gen GJB2, que ocupan un 50% del total de sorderas no sindromicas geneticas[8].
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Some studies reported a high prevalence of GJB2 heterozygous mutations in patients bearing the 1555A [right arrow] G mitochondrial mutation suggesting that GJB2 mutations may aggravate the phenotypic expression of 1555A-G 12S rRNA gene mutation (97).
Etiology of severe sensorineural hearing loss in children: independent impact of congenital cytomegalovirus infection and GJB2 mutations (J.
Deafness heterogeneity in a Druze isolate from the Middle East: novel OTOF and PDS mutations, low prevalence of GJB2 35delG mutation and indication for a new DFNB locus.