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the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991

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The details of fiscal operations released by the ministry of finance on Tuesday put the country's full year fiscal deficit at Rs3.445tr or 8.9pc of GDP - the highest since 1979-80 as per past Pakistan Economic Surveys.
GDP per capita amounted to 3.828 million manats ($2.251 million) in the first half of this year.
Meanwhile the overall debt in Greece is estimated at e1/4334.5 bln (181.1% of GDP (184.7 bln), the government budget surplus is e1/41.99 bln (or 1.1%), revenues at 47.8% and expenditure at 46.7% of GDP.
Government Debt to GDP (percent)###20.7###17-Dec###20.7
At the end of the PML-N's term, Pakistan's gross public debt was equal to 72.1% of GDP, which the IMF said would increase to 77% at the end of current fiscal year.
The issues that I have identified with GDP could be summed up into: 1.
Rochester's real GDP for 2017 was $48.504 billion, a 0.4 percent decrease from $48.68 billion in 2016.
The contribution of the service sector to the GDP is 13.3 per cent in the current fiscal years.The contribution of agriculture to the world's GDP stands at 6 per cent while the contribution of agriculture to the GDP of USA is 0.2 per cent, of India 13 per cent and of China 9 per cent.
In 2017, it amounted to 1 percent of GDP, the daily quoted the OECD.
They are presented in a standard format for publication of quarterly national accounts data - current prices, relative shares of the components in the GDP structure and growth rates as compared to the previous quarter and compared to the same period of the previous year.
According to the data, available from the Ministry of Finance the total Public Debt to GDP ratio recorded at 67.2 percent while total Government Debt to GDP ratio stood at 61.6 percent at end of June 2017.
According to 2015's national accounts, financial services in Lebanon, namely banks, grasped 8 percent of the country's GDP, while 37.64 percent of the GDP is nontaxable because it's constituted of the tax exempt sectors: real estate (14.48 percent of GDP), health and social care (3.46 percent of GDP), education (5.26 percent of GDP), public administration (9.32 percent of GDP), administrative services (2.37 percent of GDP), and community services (2.75 percent of GDP).
The Asean economy posted a total of US$2.4 trillion gross domestic product (GDP), which is 3.3 percent to the world's GDP.
When the present government came into power, fiscal deficit was 8.2 percent of the GDP, which has been reduced to 5.8 percent during 2016-17 and for the 2017-18 it has been budgeted at 4.1 percent of GDP.