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1,000,000,000 periods per second

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On May 18, 2012, the institutional review board approved this protocol on a prospective cohort study of staff GCS knowledge and performance before and after an educational intervention.
Differences of AUCs for GCS, GCS-E, GCS-M, or SMS in predicting death or poor prognosis lacked statistical significance among the four time points within 72 h admitted to NCU, suggesting that evaluation was feasible within 72 h of admission.
The temporal ON STA was used for classification of GCs because the target was brighter than the background.
In fact, 19 percent of survey respondents said that GCs should have more "knowledge of our industry," while 16 percent said that GCs should know more about the global business and 13 percent said they should know more about mergers and acquisitions.
Values for some parameters of MCs and GCs are given in Table 1 [8, 9].
GCS does relentless polling and focus-group work to try to turn the tide.
* In 2005, GCS acquired a real estate portfolio near Princeton, NJ, from the Fruscione family, which included 12 buildings developed over two decades.
The PDKs will provide monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) designers, using AWR's Microwave Office(TM) 2002 software, with an advanced circuit simulation and layout environment for designing with GCS's high-performance process.
Instead, construction contracts are usually negotiated after several GCs' capabilities are reviewed.
Notably, Ft GCs had smaller RFs than other GC groups (the major axis of RF ([micro]m), Ft, 175.68; Fs, 231.08, p = 1.08 x [10.sup.-5] ; Mt, 203.3, p = 0.03; Ms, 215.64, p = 3.58 x [10.sup.-4]; St, 230.06, p = 2.1 x [10.sup.-6]; Ss, 262.91, p = 6.58 x [10.sup.-9], t-test with Bonferroni correction).
That's what some top GCs explored at InsideCounsel's SuperConference at the panel "Master Class: Becoming General Counsel and What to Expect in the First Year." A variety of GCs gave their expertise, including Mark Roellig, GC at MassMutual; Steve Bene, GC of Pandora; and Maria Green, GC of Illinois Tool Works (ITW).
If you're a new general counsel, you can learn a lot about avoiding worst practices from seasoned GCs and board members.
Its simple, rugged design allows seamless integration with existing GCs. Cool-down times are reduced by augmenting normal oven ventilation, and thus no liquid coolants or consumables are required.