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Al-Romaihi affirmed that such Qatar-based accounts aim to weaken GCC unity, undermine GCC countries' national unity, stir up sedition, mix up papers, target civic peace and social fabric, as well as subvert the security and stability of Bahrain and other GCC states.
Sayyid Fahd concluded, "The achievements of young people in the Sultanate and in the GCC countries are a source of pride" He hoped that the youth support initiatives in the GCC countries would continue in all fields.
The decisions and recommendations will be presented before the GCC Interior Ministers at their upcoming regular meeting in October.
Moreover, Pakistan needs to improve the quality of products as GCC region has its own standards and technical requirements for imports of medicine, surgical items and agriculture products on bilateral and multilateral basis.
Non-residents of a GCC country may be subject to corporate income tax or withholding tax depending on the domestic rules in the specific GCC country.
'The launch of the GCC STAT music identity expresses the genuine heritage of the GCC states, said Dr.
The GCC secretary general acknowledged the importance of Pakistan-GCC relations and expressed his desire to further enhance GCC-Pakistan trade relations.
The GCC secretary general also expressed his desire to visit Pakistan soon.
The GCC Financial and Economic Cooperation Committee meeting with GCC finance ministers will discuss the following topics:
The GCC assistant secretary general for security affairs, Hazaa Al Hajiri, told Al Sharq Al Awsat daily that Mubarak Al Khiaili from the UAE would be the first president of the pan-Gulf force.
In its first briefing to media on the latest developments on the GCC Customs Union and the UAE's initiatives to face the challenges hindering the full launch of the union, the Federal Customs Authority, or FCA, submitted several initiatives to resolve pending issues by the end of 2014 to the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Customs Union's Authority, or CUA.
Clear policy and legal framework with a consistent strategy will ensure sustainable deployment of the renewable energy projects across the GCC region, according to a GCC-wide study.
PRESIDENTS of the GCC National Olympic Committees yesterday gave the green light for the implementation of several new recommendations in an attempt to bolster joint sports action bylaws.
ISLAMABAD, February 10, 2012 (Balochistan Times): The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued show cause notices to Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), Approved Medical Centres Administrative Offices (GAMCA) and GCC Approved Medical Centres in Pakistan (GCC Medical Centres) for cartelization to distribute customers on equal basis, fix the medical fee and also exploiting customers by restricting their choice and imposing unfair terms and conditions.