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The online GATS Consultation Kit lists other useful advice and several alternatives for formatting the consultations in order to help the facilitator prompt participants for more detailed information.
The new GATS negotiations are designed to adopt new GATS rules, and to extend them to all service sectors.
Under GATS, any commitment, once taken, is virtually unalterable.
A number of board members wanted more information on GATS before making a decision.
Under GATS, the distribution of a good also counts as a service, because the distribution is a service.
GATS rules govern the extent and nature of the involvement of foreign companies in the delivery of services and places strict limits on the ability of governments to regulate the market in service sectors.
"But having spent a bit of time with Gats when he was playing, I probably still remember him more from those days."
Due to the fact that the GAT was calibrated against a relatively small group of real eyes, it will only produce correct estimates of IOP in patients who share similar corneal and tear film properties with the original calibration group.
To bring this new, fun and unique set of dominoes to market, GATS Games needs support and backing.
International trade in health services and the GATS; current issues and debates.
The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) is frequently claimed to exempt public services from privatisation and therefore to protect them from being opened up to foreign competition.
The M/K GATS uses a patented technique to determine trends not seen by other techniques.
One of the most far-reaching multilateral trade agreements now under negotiation, the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), threatens to swell the tide of foreign workers to our shores and greatly speed up job outsourcing.