Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

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German philosopher whose three stage process of dialectical reasoning was adopted by Karl Marx (1770-1831)


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Aux chapitres cinq et six, Koula Mellos et Doug Moggach presentent des monographies consacrees respectivement a Emmanuel Levinas et a G.
Para sus fines, declarados sin ambages, realiza sintesis valiosas del pensamiento de algunos intelectuales con quienes, aun teniendo serios reparos, le parecen referencias obligadas de su propia reflexion: Jurgen Habermas, Manuel Castells, G.
We go there at least once a year, usually in November, when the city of Stuttgart sends a wreath to be placed on the grave of G.
During his education in the Jesuit order he developed an Ignatian spirituality of "seeking God all things" and was introduced by the writings of the Belgian Jesuit Joseph Marechal to the thought of Immanuel Kant and later of G.
Accordingly, I will give a brief account of human rights as they developed during the Enlightenment, and will then try to establish an alternative account of human rights and obligations as they are articulated in the philosophies of Confucius and G.
Kojeve eventually found his mystical yearnings satisfied in the philosophy of G.
This interpretation of the "rational is actual" dictum is supported by Hegel's own discussion of the term actuality in G.
16] Asi define Hegel la diversidad (Verschiedenheit) en su Wissenschaft der Logik (1813), G.
The material from the first edition has been retained with regards to Imannuel Kant, G.
Resumen: El texto evalua criticamente la nueva version espanola de la Fenomenologia del espiritu, de G.