George W. Bush

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Dunn, former member of the Buyout Team with The Carlyle Group and former head of its operations in Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Turkey and Douglas Baker, former Special Assistant to President G.
Presidential and Fed Chairmanship Regimes: 1961M1-2008M12 Presidential Fed Chair Dummy Variable Regime G.
During the election he was very clear that he had the same position as G.
It begins with Pope Urban II's call for the first 'Crusade' in 1095 - a sexed-up dossier on the state of the Holy Land - and ends with the loose use of the term by G.
This is the same adviser who, four days after 9-11, advised G.
Even Colin Powell was duped when pro-Israelis in the G.
Criticizing the policies of Pervez Musharraf and former US President G.
He also does a good job of debunking myths and rumors about "loose nukes" and "briefcase nukes" missing from the former Soviet arsenal but unfortunately skews his work with blatant, opinionated criticisms of the G.
Where were the concerned Catholics when President G.
Put another way: do Lucas' fictional character Darth Vader and President G.
Cio che tuttavia lascia perplessi l'associazione tra un principe il cui popolo e costituito da sudditi e il presidente G.
Influential US Jews, Including Edgar Bronfman Of The World Jewish Congress Sent A Clear Message To President G.