George W. Bush

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READING Phil's front-page banner headline on Friday, I had thought that a couple of fighter jets had taken off from the G.
Presidential and Fed Chairmanship Regimes: 1961M1-2008M12 Presidential Fed Chair Dummy Variable Regime G.
Any personal gift worth over $250 received by him in office would have to have been donated to the G.
Ce qui est finalement certain est que, soutient-il, le 11 septembre fournit aux Etats-Unis [beaucoup moins que]un excellent pretexte a une politique hegemonique theorisee et voulue par les neoconservateurs de l'entourage de G.
The presidents chosen and the year of their second-year State of the Union Address are Taft (1910), Wilson (1914), FDR (1934), Truman (1946), Eisenhower (1958), Kennedy (1962), Reagan (1982), GHW Bush (1990), G.
This guide for tourists and American history buffs describes the family homes of all presidents through G.
He managed EcoLogo, one of North America's largest environmental standards development organizations, testified before Congress on green business issues and advised the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive during the administrations of Presidents Clinton and G.
However, Gallup initiated more frequent updates of the measure in 1993 and implemented monthly updates in 2001 -- thus providing robust comparative statistics for the Clinton, G.
During the election he was very clear that he had the same position as G.
It begins with Pope Urban II's call for the first 'Crusade' in 1095 - a sexed-up dossier on the state of the Holy Land - and ends with the loose use of the term by G.
Gail Wilensky, former Deputy Assistant to President G.
This is the same adviser who, four days after 9-11, advised G.
Even Colin Powell was duped when pro-Israelis in the G.
Criticizing the policies of Pervez Musharraf and former US President G.