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conservative English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasion

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Both sage and detective, the Catholic Church (in the guise of Father O'Connor) has begun to solve the mystery of G.
Si bien Zizek insiste, previsiblemente, en la perennidad de Hegel como horizonte del pensamiento, su intercambio con Milbank acerca de un replanteamiento de la filosofia gira en torno a dos ejes imprevistos: la mistica medieval de Meister Eckhart y la literatura de G.
While the stories are not true in the literal sense of that word, the British pundit G.
Completed only a few weeks prior to the close of the author's long, successful and happy life, The Autobiography of G.
Joseph Pearce es un escritor especializado en el genero biografia, que se convirtio al catolicismo en 1989 a traves de la lectura de los escritos de G.
One could wish, however, for more on some of the novels, short stories, poems for which we still honor "one of the giants of twentieth-century literature" (Joseph Pearce, Wisdom and Innocence, A life of G.
He uncovers connections and variations on the spiritual journey among such pre-World War I writers as G.
Multiple references to Charles Darwin, Walter Bagehot, Johm Ruskin, G.
He also wrote a number of satirical novels, which were illustrated by his friend, the novelist G.
Nevertheless, for Baring the intensity of the convictions behind the poetry are moreover a sign of the Ballad's greatness; it was "written by G.
On the right, we present for the first time in print an original charcoal drawing by G.
Rather than indulge in laughter, they indulge in what G.
In the essays, Medcalf discusses a variety of topics: Virgil, the Bible, the English translation of Alfred, Piers Plowman, the "half-alien" creature of the Middle Ages, Chaucer's contemporary Thomas Usk, Shakespeare's images of resurrection, Horace and Kipling, G.
STRATFORD CALDECOTT is an editor of Second Spring and the director of the G.