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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Edgar Hoover's pre-movie promotion reel about G-men and the FBI draws impatient boos, a trailer for the upcoming James Cagney flick "The Public Enemy" inspires hoots and applause.
With the G-men losing receiver Domenik Hixon for the season, quarterback Eli Manning has limited options.
No one could fire him, as President Nixon fumed: "He had files on everybody, Goddamnit." Whereas Hitler or Stalin's power rested on the people's terror of the Gestapo or the KGB, Hoover made US citizens overlook the FBI's encroaching threat to their freedom by having his G-Men glamorised through gushing articles placed in the press, heroic radio programmes, films and, later, TV shows that Hoover was consulted about, by merchandising the G-Men brand on toy guns, badges and children's pyjamas.
Not being a group who pass up on good excuses to throw ragers for our friends, we decided to tie the two momentous occasions together, in what would be the "World Championship Weekend:" Open house at the office; frenzied sesh at Double Rock; art and photo show in The Mission, and a mini-ramp jam on a barge in McCovey Cove, outside the Giants' ballpark, before 200 skaters and industry folk rushed the gates to watch the G-men take down the Colorado Rockies.
5 Anthony Gerrard The G-men, Gyepes and Gerrard, produced their best display together against Boro.
Purvis recruits old school G-men like Agent Charles Winstead to provide wise counsel for the inexperienced squad.
coli, and if someone becomes terribly ill from eating one -- a young woman in Minnesota almost died from a Cargill hamburger and will likely never walk again -- nonetheless Republicans remain staunchly opposed to G-men snooping around the slaughterhouse, and so I should never eat another Big Mac or Whopper or any other ground meat other than that ground from whole sirloin by a butcher as I watch.
The famed G-Men return in Michael Mann's eagerly anticipated PUBLIC ENEMIES, out July 3.
The forty-year-old Hoag, player-manager for the Class D Gainesville G-Men, begrudged management's decision to recruit fellow journeyman Jake Powell, three year's removed from the majors, because of a slanderous racial comment.
On and on they went, about Catholicism and the Irish, and the special quality of Irish Catholics as "truth tellers," as people who "get the bad guys"-prosecutors, G-men and journalists.
"G-Men and Journalists: Top News Stories of the FBI's First Century" opened in late June.
The lightning rod of controversy decided to skip the victory parade in the Big Apple, missed a visit to the White House and didn't show up for the ceremony where the G-Men received their championship rings.
By then two of the visitors' G-men, James Graham and Ade Gardner, had crossed for touchdowns on a raw West Yorkshire night.
For example, Adon (published 1973-96) was for the college crowd, Samson (from 1982) was for the chubby-chasers, G-Men (from 1995) favored muscled he-men.
Chief Superintendent Jon Hes-keth was flown to the USA to teach the G-men how to deal with tense situations, involving standoffs with killers and hostage-takers.