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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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the lie of the undercover G-man posing as a crim (5
The man is the most gorgeous human on the face of this planet and my love for him has only grown and grown through the last 13 years.You go, G-Man! Love ya lots and always will.
From 1941 to 1948, the Shield recruited kids to help him uphold the law through his Shield G-Man Club.
Christian Bale was director Michael Mann's first choice to play legendary 1930s FBI agent and "G-Man" Melvin Purvis - the man chose to use Alston's Southern drawl as his accent, and stayed in his character's voice throughout the production.
The typically gloomy Christian Bale is on hand to deal justice as G-Man Purvis.
If none of those is adventurous enough for you, how about a career as a G-man or a spy?
The enduring image of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which celebrates its centenary this year, is of the G-man: a smartly suited, clean-cut agent, incorruptible and professional.
They are, from left, Don "Cuddles" Conley, Richard "G-Man" Greaves, Karl "Swede" (a law enforcement officer who did not want to give his last name), Jim "Mad Dog" Fitzpatrick, Ken "Sea Dog" Swift, Dave "Maverick" Kendrick and Joe "Pit Bull" Fitzpatrick.
They ordered pizzas delivered at lunch and gave nicknames to each other--Juan they called G-man because he wanted to join the feds, a whacked-out dream for someone in charge of lizards who sold weed on the side.
Reichlin is British, and his American accents are occasionally over the top, particularly in the case of the powerful but obnoxious G-man, Joe Leapman, who sounds like he'd never pass a Civil Service exam.
The G-Man is an individual defense pistol, not a general service pistol, as it requires a bushing wrench to be field stripped.
G-MAN OUTDOOR ADVENTURES (guide), Rapid City: (605) 341-9603; gmanoutdooradventure.com.
My grandmother and other Depression kids remember the government taking cattle, killing and burying one of our two hogs and people hiding what stock the G-man didn't find.