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a special law-enforcement agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Bale lacks star quality as FBI G-Man Purvis Fur lady.
Test Pistol Barrel Rock Island Armory GI Original Roto Barrel Bar Sto Bar Sto High Standard G-Man Original Bar Sto Ed Brown Ithaca-Frame 1911 Roto Barrel Bar Sto Ed Brown Springfield Mil Spec Original Roto Barrel Bar Sto Ed Brown Barrel Ammunition Original Black Hills 230-grain RNL Roto Barrel Black Hills 230-grain RNL Bar Sto Black Hills 230-grain RNL Bar Sto Cor Bon Performance Match Original Black Hills 230-grain JHP Bar Sto Black Hills 230-grain JHP Ed Brown Cor Bon 150-grain .
Further, said the anonymous G-man, "based on the author's interpretation of comments made by various CWG protestors, CWG also advocates a communist distribution of resources.
1 My secret life with Mark Felt: In Pressing Issues, Greg Mitchell says he once "met" the former G-man, when he was friendly with a couple bugged by the FBI back in the COINTELPRO days.
With the help of very special guests Sage, G-Man, Whitey, Melissa and Slob, many claim it's their best pour yet.
It's a perfect fit for the most booze-soaked city on earth, and before long Rickey and G-man have the backing of a wealthy but slightly unhinged restaurateur.
Prior to its takeover by Nobel, it was called AB G-man, derived from its original name of E.
Edgar Hoover relationship were based on the columnist's building up Hoover as the great G-man crimefighter in return for Hoover's giving crime-news tips to Winchell.
A G-girl was 1930s slang for a woman employed by the federal government; a G-man worked only for the Federal Bureau of Inv estigation.
Every two-bit local wannabe G-man joined the dragnet, searching out and identifying "communist spies.
THE ROMANTIC LEADS, FOR EXAMPLE, are a feisty female cop and a G-man, who are (in not -very-'50s fashion) guiltless lovers.
Those familiar with west Little Rock may notice that the property is just north of the current G-Man digs in the WestLake Corporate Center (once known as the Koger Center).
sewn on by Darren Brown beneath a sort of '50s G-man head drawn by Sergio Bessa.
But it was always hard to like Hoover, even for a junior G-man.