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a unit of force equal to the force exerted by gravity


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Deveoped by the Red Bull Air Race's Research & Development team in Salzburg, the tight-fitting G-Race Suit contains special liquid-filled tubes which change shape under G-Forces, contracting the special non-stretch fabric and putting pressure on the lower extremities of the body to ensure that oxygen-rich blood remains in the head.
To be 71 and pulling G-forces again in a straight-up climb, "that's a pretty good deal for me," Collins said.
He cited an article in the January issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine warning of a suspected increase in head, neck and back trauma due to higher G-forces on some amusement park rides.
On the concept car, the passenger has rally-style information on acceleration, braking and g-forces (gravitational forces).
Thrill-seekers riding Nemesis at Alton Towers experience greater G-forces than NASA astronauts during space shuttle launches.
All you have to do is strap on a pair of roller blades, launch yourself on to a mile-long ice- covered bobsleigh run and then battle the sort of G-forces experienced by fighter pilots as you hurtle along at speeds up to 88mph protected only by a ski suit and crash helmet.
Known as Production Flight Acceptance Testing (PFAT), each Typhoon aircraft is pushed to its limits for up to 60 minutes, flying out from Warton over the Irish Sea at heights of up to 40,000 feet, reaching more than 1.6 times the speed of sound and handling at the most extreme G-forces.
The vehicle features a fresh digital LCD dashboard display with gear-shift lights, an optional data logger that can display lap times and G-forces, a new hood, headlamps that house twin projectors, and LED turn, stop, and taillights.
The G-forces in a display can leave pilots semi-conscious.
Due to their specially designed tunnel hulls, F2 boats are able to turn almost instantaneously, incurring more G-forces than any other racing machine on the planet.
"We can watch the celebrities and contestants being pushed and pulled here, there and everywhere by huge G-forces," the Sun quoted UKTV's Lisa Perrin as saying.
Hawking, who can make only tiny facial movements, was keen to make sure he could cope with G-forces ahead of commercial space flights.
Passengers must also learn to endure immense G-forces as the rocket hits 3,000mph - faster than a bullet - before experiencing weightlessness for five minutes.
After travelling at speeds of up to 300mph and G-forces of 5.5, she insists the smile never once left her face.