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the study or prediction of future developments on the basis of existing conditions

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We are proud that this project has not only got the attention of futurologists, but also the design community.
We brought in a lot of outside help -- military advisers, futurologists -- we got together with a scenario planner from the Department of Defence, who is active in the Pentagon.
Earlier, speaking at the Economic and Monetary Committee of the EP, Juncker said "all futurologists, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world, thought that in 2012 the Eurozone would collapse.
Once again, the author always brings things back to the present: "According to many futurologists, humans have already reached the point of no return in terms of climate change and the exhaustion of resources .
com has worked with futurologists at Future Poll, the research division of The Future Laboratory, on the new study into the friendship and finances of single people in the UK, which explores the growing trend for best mates to create alternative 'family' units.
Slightly oddly, Megachange's writers are economists moonlighting as futurologists and noisily reluctant to persuade the reader to have any confidence in their forecasts.
Drawing on predictions by designers and futurologists, it also puts forward a vision for how our water closets of the future could look.
Well, when you consider that futurologists predict that jobs will one day include home robotics' engineers, it would seem the earlier the kids start, the better.
In an age when environmental impact is a key consideration for architecture, we are keen to extend this vision of the future by searching for solutions that can be realised by 2015--the year that many futurologists foresee as the turning point for the future.
In fact, the company he works for employs futurologists to predict what we'll all be doing in the years to come.
According to the medical journal Lancet, most kids born today will live to be at least 103, with futurologists predicting: "By 2109 the centenarians born this year may be playing cybergolf on holiday in the biodomes of the moon's best hotels.
You get the feeling that this is a preemptive move after years of dashing expectations that futurologists come with a crystal ball and mystical ability to see through the mists and pronounce on what lies in store for the human race.
This book is written for Specialists in all energy fields, including renewable energy technology, environmentalists, economists, social theorists, policy specialists, futurologists.
That is why 20th century futurologists like Herman Khan and Buckminster Fuller could make long-term predictions about the new world that would confront humankind some 30 years later.
He must understand that, as an ambitious successful public figure working in a league many degrees lower than the Premiership, futurologists will keep his name in mind for a move upwards.